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Calendar of Events

Takada Castle Site Park Cherry Blossom Festival

From early to mid-April Takada Park
After a long winter, spring arrives with the blooming of beautiful cherry and plum blossoms. In Takada Park and the surrounding area, there are about 4000 cherry trees and a cherry blossom viewing festival is held here. Along with three-storied Takada Castle and the cherry trees, there are about 3000 lanterns lit up throughout the park. The beautiful reflection of the lights on the castle moat are why Takada Park is known as one of the three best places in Japan for night cherry blossom viewing. Visitors can enjoy spring to the fullest.for details

Joetsu Lotus Festival

From the end of July to the beginning of August Takada Park
The moat surrounding Takada Castle has over 19ha of beautiful lotus flowers ? the most in the Orient and special viewing groups get together to observe the flowers. A German beer festival coincides with the lotus festival.for details

Joetsu Festival

July 23 ~ 29 Takada and Naoetsu
A traditional festival dating back over 400 years. Portable shrines are carried from Takada to Naoetsu and the finale features 19 floats performing a vigorous ceremonial offering of rice to the God of Yasaka Shrine. The festival has been designated as a prefectural cultural asset by the government of Niigata.for details

Lord Kenshin Festival

End of August Kasugayama Castle Ruins・Kasugayama Castle Historical Square, etc.
A festival celebrating Kenshin Uesugi, a famous warlord who ruled the Joetsu area during Japan’s Warring States Period. Participants perform a special ceremony and parade around Kasugayama area dressed as warriors from this period. The famous Battle of Kawanakajima, depicted on an ancient scroll, is re-enacted and people feel as if they too have traveled back in time and are part of the action.for details

Echigo Kenshin Sake Festival

4th weekend in October Takada Honcho Shopping Area
A festival where people can sample and buy various types of sake, unfiltered sake (nigori sake) and wine including those made at breweries in the Joetsu region. Experience the drinking and food culture of Joetsu!for details

Lerch Festival

Beginning of February Mt. Kanaya, etc.
Joetsu is known as the “birthplace of skiing in Japan”. The Lerch Festival commemorates the introduction of skiing to Japan at Mt.Kanaya in Joetsu by Major Theodor Von Lerch of the former Austrian-Hungarian empire. Various events such as demonstration of single pole skiing, the type of skiing done by Lerch at the time, are held. for details

Candle Road

4th Saturday in February Yasuzuka, Oshima, Uragawara, Maki and Nadachi wards of Joetsu City and the Takashi district
Featuring "a corridor of lights" creating a beautiful world illuminated by more than 100,000 candles. There are also snow sculptures. The candles create a warm light that will fascinate visitors and help them forget about the coldness of winter.for details