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Joetsu City Sightseeing Guide Information

It's a travel guide intended to showcase the charms of Joetsu City and answer questions visitors may have about the city. Written with a love of Joetsu and containing a wealth of information about the city and its historic sites, the guide is aimed at making the reader develop a liking for the city as well.

About Information Centers

Please tell us the place you'd like to see. We'll guide you in accordance with your wishes eg: time, etc.

≪Example guide≫
Takada Park - a symbol of Joetsu City. We'll show you around the area surrounding Takada Castle.
Kasugayama Castle Ruins - walk along the mountain path around Uesugi Kenshin's castle.
The area where Shinran Shonin first arrived - follow in Shinran Shonin's footsteps in Joetsu City.

About guide fees

Fees are as indicated below
5000 yen per guide for up to 4 hours.
10,000 yen per guide for tours of over 4 hours.

for details Sightseeing Guide pamphlets(PDF 5.87MB)


Applications are not limited to individuals or groups.
For those who would like someone to guide you around, print out the "Tour Guide Application Form" and fill out the required areas. Then, send it by fax or mail two weeks prior to when you would like to have a guide.

Please print the application form from here and use it. ≫ Dispatch Applications(PDF 121KB)


For questions about the sightseeing guide and other inquiries, contact the Joetsu Sightseeing Convention Association.
Joetsu City Sightseeing Convention Association
175-1 Fujinoshinden, Joetsu-shi, Niigata, 〒943-0171
TEL 025-543-2777 FAX 025-545-1113 
e-mail jtca@joetsu.ne.jp