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Calendar of Events

Takada Castle Million-Visitor Cherry Blossom Festival

Approximately 4000 cherry blossom trees are on display, making it one of the three best locations for nighttime cherry blossom viewing. Truly a "poem of Echigo,"the festival was featured on the CNN website as one of the 5 best cherry blossom viewing events in the world.for details

Joetsu Lotus Festival (at Takada park, from the end of July to the beginning of August)

The lotus blossoms here fill the 19 hectare moat that surroundsTakada park, and in both scale and beauty, this is known as the best in Asia. This is the festival of the Lotus Blossom.for details

Joetsu Festival (Takada and Naoetsu: July 23 ~ 29)

Takada and Naoetsu are joined in this one traditional festival.
19 floats gather from the neighborhoods leading up to the rice dedication at the shrine.for details

Lord Kenshin Festival (Kasugayama Castle Ruins・Kasugayama Castle Historical Square, etc. ・ End of August)

Famed Commander of the Warring States・This festival honors the virtue of Uesugi Kenshin. The reconstruction of the marching troops and the battle of Kawanakajima are the festival's highlights.for details

Echigo・Kenshin Sake Festival (Takada Honcho Shopping Area ・ 4th weekend in October)

Enjoy Joetsu sake and sake culture at this local foodie event. In addition to locally brewed sake, local restaurants offer their dishes at this street fair-style event.for details

Lerche Festival (at Mt. Kanaya, etc.・beginning of February)

The biggest winter event in Joetsu is this festival honoring the acheivements of the Austrian ski instructor, Major Lerche.for details

Corridor of Lights (Higashikubiki district・4th Saturday in February)

Set in western Kubiki, where the snowfall is greatest in the city, more than 100,000 candles quietly flicker along some 60 kilometers of snowy road for an evening of fantasy.for details