Enjoy Making and Eating Japanese Food!

Mountain River Kawakami Jougaku-kan

A soba (buckwheat noodle) making experience. Recommended for children's groups during summer vacation.

detail information

Name: Mountain River Kawakami Jougaku-kan
Open hours: Year-round, except from January 20 to February 20.
Closed on Tuesdays
Program hours: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm
If staying the night, 4:00 pm to 9:30 am the next morning.
Time required:
Reservations: Reservations required
Number of participants:
Cost: Starting at ¥1000 (depending on the contents of each program. Craft programs also available)
Apply to: Mountain River Kawakami Shougaku Kan
Telephone: 025-533-5079
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