enjoy the sea of Japan

need4 hours. to see

for the couple or family

You'll be satisfied until mind goes on the sea of Japan.

Hokuriku Expressway Joetsu IC

about 30 minutes by car

Joetsu Aquarium Umigatari60min. to stay

recomendation to visitexciting dolphines show

Joetsu  Aquarium Umigatari


about 35 minutes by car

Nadachi Seaside Park30min. to stay

recomendation to visitflower of shaster daisy spread in front, and beautiful sunset in Japan sea

Nadachi Seaside Park

Popular with both children and adults, the park features a big bobsleigh course and roller slide amongst other things. The park also offers a wide, panoramic view of the Sea of Japan, Noto Peninsula and Sado Island. In addition there are forest walking trails, a grassy park and athletic facilities. In 2018, the park was open from Saturday, April 28 to Sunday, October 28.

about 20 minutes by car

Umi Terrace Nadachi60min. to stay

recomendation to visitthere are dinig room and hot spring bath, take your time.

Umi Terrace Nadachi

The theme of this "roadside station" Umi Terrace Nadachi is "Eat, Relax, and Play."There is a large public bath, a fresh fish market, a hotel, and a beautiful view of the Sea of Japan right before your eyes. This is a place where every member of the family can enjoy the delicious bounties of the sea.The ever-popular pool is open in July and August. The indoor pool features a waterslide, while the pool in the courtyard uses water pulled from the Sea of Japan.With the introduction of the "hot springs water generator" at the day spa Nadachi Yulala, guests can enjoy the waters of the most famous hot springs in Japan right here in Joetsu. In addition, the open air bath overlooking the Sea of Japan features a sauna, a cold water bath, the most powerful jet bath for miles around, as well as several other bathing tubs. If you like relaxing in a warm bath, this is the perfect lineup.The onsite restaurant features delicious seafood brought in fresh from the fishing port right next door.

about 5 minutes by car

Hokuriku Expressway Nadachi Tanihama IC

map to access

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