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楽しみながら学べる 水族博物館・科学館・歴史博物館めぐり

need約5時間. to see


Joetsu Aquarium Umigatari90min. to stay

recomendation to visitシロイルカが見られる水族館! 世界一の飼育数を誇るマゼランペンギンを圧倒的な近さで観察できます。

Joetsu  Aquarium Umigatari


about 11 minutes by car

Joetsu Science Museum90min. to stay

recomendation to visit遊びながら学べる科学館 様々企画も実施 園内には公園もあります。

Joetsu Science Museum

Joetsu Science Museum opened in 1984 with the theme of "human science" and "the science of snow". The permanent exhibition area consists of "Evolution of Humanity", "Wonder of Life", "Body Mechanisms", "Living in Health", "Living, Environment, Energy", "the Science of Snow", "Evolution and Environment of Life" "Children’s Park", and "Science Play Park". These are divided into nine zones, and each theme is exhibited in an easy-to-understand manner. In addition, we hold various events such as a nature observation classroom, science show, science festival for youths, inventive ingenuity / model / work exhibitions, specimen exhibitions, etc., in order to further increase and broaden interest in science.

about 1 minutes on foot

Joetsu Tourism and Local Products Center30min. to stay

recomendation to visit地元の特産品や銘菓、銘酒を取り扱っています。お土産は上越観光物産センターへ

Joetsu Tourism and Local Products Center

At the Fususato Corner, the products from Joetsu are collected, displayed and sold.Parking is available for large buses, and visitors can take their time browsing and finding special products unique to Joetsu.In addition, a large hall, medium hall and conference room are available for rent, to be used for business or exhibitions.To rent space at the Center, please the the application below.The front entrance of the building features one of the largest stained glass window in all of Japan

about 15 minutes by car

Joetsu City History Museum90min. to stay

Joetsu City History Museum

The former Joetsu City Museum, opened in 1972, was recently re-opened as the Joetsu History Museum on July 21, 2018, taking advantage of its location in Takada Castle Ruins Park. A permanent exhibition room showcasing the history of the area since the Azuchi-Momoyama period has been set up with the theme of "the Capital of Echigo." Learn about the history of the three local castles, Kasugayama-jo, Fukushima-jo and Takada-jo, as well as the development of the region that has taken place thereafter. The first floor lounge, with views of the inner moat and earth fortifications of the main castle, as well as the roof deck, with views of the castle's 3-tiered turret, Mt. Myoko and Mt. Yoneyama are free of charge. The renovated cafe and gift shop is an excellent starting point for a walk through Takada Castle Ruins Park, through the town, for exploring history, or enjoying a break in the park.

about 15 minutes by car

上信越自動車道 上越高田IC

map to access

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