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Joetsu mountain castle tour⑤

need3hours15minutes. to see




about 25 minutes by car

Chausu Yama Castle Ruins Park60min. to stay

Chausu Yama Castle Ruins Park

With an elevation of 42 meters, Chausu Mountain is named because the shape resembles a mortar used to grind tea leaves.This cone-shaped mountain stands alone, with the top of the mountain a flat area of about 35 meters in diameter.In the southwest is the entrance to the Chausu Yama Castle ruins. 10 meters further is the second wall, and on the eastern side is a 2.5 meter wide well.It is said that Chausu Yama, which was a fortification castle for Kasugayama Castle, fell during the turbulance that came when choosing Uesugi Kenshin's successor.The master of the castle, Teshima, escaped from the wetlands of Ogata to Kakizaki beach.

about 25 minutes by car

Karigane Castle Ruins60min. to stay

Karigane Castle Ruins

Also known as Hanagasaki Castle ruins. These ruins are on a mountain castle site built at an altitude of 156 meters at the western edge of East Kubiki.The castle acted as a post for monitoring the Hanagasaki highway from Echigo Fuchu (Gochi, in present-day Joetsu) to Naomine Castle (in present day Yasuzuka ward). The remains of the castle can be seen in their various areas: the sites of the inner citadel, the second wall, the empty moat and cliffs have been well preserved.In the center of the remains, a sacred ground was built, where it is said emergency calls were sent to the main castle in Kasugayama

about 25 minutes by car


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