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wakuwaku exciting studying course

need4 hours 15 minutes. to see

Let's study with pleasure

visit Joetsu Acuarium famous for lots of mazeran penguins, Jpetsu science musium famous for dinasour robot and historical Kamabuta iseki

Hokuriku Expressway Joetsu IC

about 10 minutes by car

Joetsu Aquarium Umigatari60min. to stay

recomendation to visitdolphin show in summer or seosonal events

Joetsu  Aquarium Umigatari


about 10 minutes by car

Joetsu Science Museum90min. to stay

recomendation to visityou can see the animation movie"the last dinosaur Tiran".

Joetsu Science Museum

Joetsu Science Museum opened in 1984 with the theme of "human science" and "the science of snow". The permanent exhibition area consists of "Evolution of Humanity", "Wonder of Life", "Body Mechanisms", "Living in Health", "Living, Environment, Energy", "the Science of Snow", "Evolution and Environment of Life" "Children’s Park", and "Science Play Park". These are divided into nine zones, and each theme is exhibited in an easy-to-understand manner. In addition, we hold various events such as a nature observation classroom, science show, science festival for youths, inventive ingenuity / model / work exhibitions, specimen exhibitions, etc., in order to further increase and broaden interest in science.

about 20 minutes by car

Joetsu Rekishi kan (Joetsu History Museum) Kamabuta Iseki guidance (Historical Site Guidance Center in Kamabuta)60min. to stay

recomendation to visitmaking magatama, vessels

Joetsu Rekishi kan (Joetsu History Museum) Kamabuta Iseki guidance (Historical Site Guidance Center in Kamabuta)

Kamabuta Iseki Koen (Kamabuta Historical Site Park) and Kamabuta Iseki guidance (Historical Site Guidance Center) faces the west gate of 'Joetsu Myoko station' on the JR Hokuriku Shinkansen Line and Echigo Tokimeki railway. The place used to be a settlement surrounded by a river and a moat, which prospered in the late Yayoi era to the early Kofun era (200 to 300 AD). Though the area is estimated to be a village that used be the center of Joetsu, there is still a lot to discover since the investigation has only been partially completed. The area features the attraction of historical sites with practical experience. We can also offer a tour of the excavation point with an exhibition of archaeological finds.

about 5 minutes by car

Joshinetsu Expressway Joetsu Takada IC

map to access

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