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Joetsu mountain castle tour ②

need5hours15minutes. to see

This course recommended to mountain castle fan(Mikaburi Joshi Park〜Oma Castle Ruins〜Naumine Castle Ruins)

This course can see remains of ancient structures of mountain castle .

Joshinetsu Expressway Arai Smart IC

about 25 minutes by car

Mikaburi Joshi Park60min. to stay

Mikaburi Joshi Park

The Mikaburi Castle ruins on Mt.Mikaburi sit at an elevation of 242 meters. It is said that the castle was constructed by Kenshin Uesugi's chief vassal Oguma. The Oguma river flows in the east and the Koguma river flows in the west. The castle was in a strategic position as both rivers acted as natural defenses. Mt.Mikaburi itself has a beautiful shape to it and from the summit you can see the Takada Plains and the far-off Sea of Japan. The mountain castle is indicative of the castles that existed in medieval period Japan. It has been designated as a Joetsu City Cultural Asset.

about 40 minutes by car

Oma Castle Ruins60min. to stay

Oma Castle Ruins

Oma Castle is said to have been built as a fortress for the clan of this area. The important characteristics of this castle is not its size, but rather its construction on difficult terrain with small ridges and creeks. The remaining features of the ruins are well-preserved, and are rare in the Joetsu region. You can see the enclosed earth foundation at the inner citadel, as well as spectaular empty moats and earth foundations that are representative of that era. Because it looks over the Kubiki plains, and is situated along the old national road ("Mikuni Kaido"), it played a crucial supporting role for Kasugayama Castle during the Warring States Era ("Sengoku Jidai"). Currently, these castle ruins have traces of wells, moats and foundations, and is commemorated as a Designated Historic Site of Joetsu City.

about 40 minutes by car

Naumine Castle Ruins60min. to stay

Naumine Castle Ruins

Naumine Castle was a castle of the Nanboku era (1335-1392), and was the home castle of the General Kazama Shinano Nokami Nobuaki.It is a typical mountain castle of the Middle Ages, with a height of 344 meters, making skillful use of the surrounding topography.During the Uesugi Kenshin Dynasty, it was an important way station between Kasugayama Castle and the Kanto region. Naoe Kanetsugu's real father, Higuchi Souemon Kanetoyo was master of this castle.Although the castle was abandoned during the Tokugawa era, the castle remains are still the site of a large empty moats ("kara hori") and defence walls ("kuruwa"), a 2 kilometer cobblestone road (formerly Mikuni Road) and other features remain. The ancient Zelkova tree said to be 800 years old seems to communicate the history of ages.

about 30 minutes by car

Hokuriku Expressway Joetsu IC

map to access

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