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spring cherry blossom viewing

need3 hours 30 minutes. to see

only April, enjoy cherry blossom in Takada

many cherry blossom spots in walking area, also Takada park is one of the three big cherry blossom by night,

Joetsu Myoko Station

about 7 minutes by train

Takada Station on the Myoko Haneuma Line

about 3 minutes on foot

Gimyogawa river10min. to stay

recomendation to visitbest time Kohigannzakura cherry trees come little earlier, time of ending blossom is emotional.petals on the river is so eautiful

Gimyogawa river

there are many kohiganzakura cherry trees along the Gimyogawa river, enjoy strong pinkish cherry blossom.

about 5 minutes on foot

Former Division Commander's Official Residence10min. to stay

recomendation to visitseeeing sakura from inside the building is also recommended

Former Division Commander's Official Residence

one of the hiden sakura spots places backyard in old commader office building, tour of old commander house is possible

about 2 minutes on foot

Aotagawa river5min. to stay

recomendation to visitone of the secret cerry blossom viewing sopts

Aotagawa river

Along the Aotagawa river, many cherry trees and places of jogging, taking a walk with dogs for local

about 10 minutes on foot

Takada Castle Site Park60min. to stay

recomendation to visitSakura road, 30m long tunnel of cherry trees is very popular,and very big Shidare sakura

Takada Castle Site Park

sakura festival takes places in Takada park from Apr.1 to 17. during festival many spesial shops food court and night viewing with Japanese lantarn

about 15 minutes on foot

Honcho shopping area20min. to stay

recomendation to visitHere, find a lot of souvenir

Honcho shopping area

take your time in Honcho shoppng area, café, sweets and old stores for your remember

about 2 minutes on foot

Takada Station on the Myoko Haneuma Line

about 7 minutes by train

Joetsu Myoko Station

map to access

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