Former Naoetsu Bank Tour

Old Naoetsu Bank Building

This is the oldest building in the Naoetsu district, featuring a "pseudo-Western arichitecture," expressing western architectural style with traditional Japanese building techniques. In addition to visiting the insides of the building, lectures on the history and culture of the Naoetsu area are held.

detail information

Name: Old Naoetsu Bank Building
Open hours: From May 3 to November 23 on the "Sanppachi" morning market days that fall on a Saturday or Sunday.
Program hours: 9:00 am to 12:00 noon
Time required:
Reservations: Not necessary.
Number of participants: From 1 to 50 people
Cost: Free
Apply to: Joetsu City Culture Promotion Division
Telephone: 025-526-6903
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