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Joetsu sake history tour

need3 hours. to see

here is the original SAKE in Joetsu

Are you interested in making sake or history of sake? Visit the places of sake doctor Sakaguchi Kenichiro, Kawakami Zembei who is the father of Japanese wine

Joshinetsu Expressway Joetsu Takada IC

about 25 minutes by car

Iwanohara Vineyard Co., Ltd.40min. to stay

recomendation to visityou can try the taste several wine or some limited wine at wine shop.also available seeing prepare wine in harvest season.

Iwanohara Vineyard Co., Ltd.

In 1890, the "Father of Japanese Wine", Kawakami Zenbei, began making wine and opened up a vineyard in this snowy Joetsu area in Niigata.For more than 100 years now, they have been producing the finest wine with passion that has been passed down unchanged through the years.

about 25 minutes by car

Sakuguchi Memorial Hall30min. to stay

recomendation to visitabout 190 Yukitsubaki trees in the garden, can see the full blossom in March and April

Sakuguchi Memorial Hall

Dr. Keiichiro's Sakaguchi was considered an international authority in Applied Microbiology. Because of his detailed knowledge of sake brewing he was known as "Dr.Sake". His work and sake making materials are on display. It captures the atmosphere of the former house of the Sakaguchi family (Rakuhoan) and inside is a replica of the den containing a traditional Japanese hearth that was Sakuguchi's favourite room. Sakaguchi's much beloved garden featuring snow camellias is also on display. The hall is a place where one can get a sense of Sakaguchi the educated, cultured individual and Sakaguchi the master sake brewer. The building has been organized into four cultural sections. The atmosphere of his house, known as "Rakuhoan" and the hearth in his study den

about 20 minutes by car

Road Station: Yoshikawa Touji no Sato ("Master Brewer Town")30min. to stay

recomendation to visitenjoy ice cream using sake kobo yeast

Road Station: Yoshikawa Touji no Sato ("Master Brewer Town")

Road Station: Yoshikawa Touji no Sato is a rest stop for travellers, providing a unique location to take a break, get information and connect with the community.As a rest stop on the main regional road "Arai-Kakizaki sen," this facility makes full use of the characteristics of the region, including the famous paragliding spot Ogamidake, the magnificent Yoneyama mountain, as well as the Myoko mountain ranges.In addition, fresh, locally picked vegetables are sold at the Shikisa no Sato (4 Seasons Market) along with a wide variety of locally produced products.Also on the premises is the "Yoshikawa Toushi no Sato" sake brewery, which offers visitors the chance to learn about and taste sake and dairy products made from Yoshikawa's traditional culture and technique.

about 10 minutes by car

Hokuriku Expressway Kakizaki IC

map to access

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